DVK Central Library

DVK Central Library, providing unique services in ecclesiastical learning, is a key academic centre on the campus. The newly constructed central library is fully automated and has modern infrastructure. Functions of this library are spread over a multi-story building with forty five thousand square feet space. The concept of the Central Library is a collective form of different libraries and subsidiary facilities. This library, with its functions, features and structure, is unique among the Indian Ecclesiastical Libraries.

DVK Moto and Central Library

DVK Central Library is blessed to have a beautiful entrance which encompasses the dynamic vision of the library. Altar symbolizes seat of wisdom around the Bodivriksham (The Tree of Enlightenment) and Sat Guru – (one who is enlightened to enlighten others) according to Indian perspectives. To express the devotion to the Sat Guru, a statue is placed in front of the library reminding the seeker the DVK motto: Devotion to the Lord is the Supreme Wisdom.

The library staff including the librarian and possible students Light the lamp and recite the bhajan every day in front of the Sat Guru at 08.00 am to begin the day.

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A living temple of wisdom and the Dharma of Jesus Christ for the well-being of all and the glory of God.

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Holistic formation in the radical discipleship of Jesus Christ, the Sat Guru, for Christian leadership. Promotion of rigorous academic research in philosophical, theological and allied disciplines. Harmonious synthesis of the Western, the Eastern and the Indian genius.

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The Thrust

The dedicated ourselves to improve the quantity and quality of the living knowledge by providing a creative and vibrant environment for enlightenment. The following philosophical environments are part of the library space plan:
1) Bodivriksham - the tree of enlightenment,
2) Bodagraham - house of knowledge,
3) Bodaramam - the garden of learning,
4) Bodivanam - the woods of higher knowledge and
5) Bodagahvaram - an environment of solitude to gain wisdom.

Our Library is Famous for

DVK Central Library is known for its rich collection, service, research environment, etc. among the ecclesiastical world and the secular world of library and information science, appreciate the following features:
1) Good Library – DVK Central Library keeps library as a model and we provide consultancy service for the library planners, constructors, and the library professionals to make and maintain a good library. (More than 32 modern libraries in India modelled/consulted)
2) Good Librarians - Our committed staff provides quality service to the users with joy and love at our library. Many library and information science students, teachers and professionals are considering our library as an ideal place to train the freshers. So we regularly provide rigorous training/internship for the freshers from different parts of India. It will help them to get good placements, opportunity to gain experience with traditional as well as modern library systems, personality development to serve the society excellently as a library professional. (More than 100 trainees/interns completed their practical training here and placed well in the famous libraries in India)
3) Good Users - Library prepares the user community to use the library as a partner with responsibility for the quality research and we provide maximum connections for the researchers to the resources with creative and lovely research-ecology. (We have done user education for more than 4500 scholars)




The library follows an Open Access policy. You can pick a book of your choice from the shelves and may refer to it in the library or borrow them.



The library has a good collection of Encyclopaedia’s, Yearbooks and other reference titles. The reference books cannot be borrowed.



The library maintains a good number of journals and magazine in bound volumes.



The library photocopying service is available from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. The library supports the copyright policy.


User Orientation

The Library offers user orientation program to its users on the subscribed resources and other facilities.


Property Counter

The library lockers are available for storage of personal belongings for ‘daytime’ use.


Collaborative Learning Centre

The library has a Collaborative Learning Centre for its faculty and students. The Collaborative Learning Centre is used for group discussion and presentation by faculty and students.


Research Cubicles

Research Cubicle provides peaceful and safe environment for the researcher to do their research and keep their academic belongings safely.


News House

News House is the place for reading daily newspapers. Debates also can be conducted there based on current issues.